We believe there is a real Weichert difference that makes this a  special place to work. Through training and supportive management, we  help our team members succeed in their careers. We are very proud of our welcoming company culture, and we are sure you’ll feel right at home on  our team!

We support our team members with the best resources. We are proud to provide our staff with award-winning training.

Our Culture
Our founder, Jim Weichert, began his career as a Sales Associate. His  approach was personal; he sold houses by focusing on people. This  friendly, welcoming attitude helped Jim succeed with customers, but it  also led him to develop the philosophy that influences all of our  business to this day: namely, that people buy people before they buy  products and services.

Employing that philosophy enabled Jim to create the team of helpful,  knowledgeable and responsive Sales Associates who have built our company  into one of the largest independently-owned providers of real estate  services in the country.

Ours is a great team, and we are proud to support it with the best  training, the best resources and the best working environment in the  industry. You see, there really is a Weichert difference… and it’s what  makes Weichert a truly special place to work.

Training and Development
Our training programs are considered to be among the best in the  industry. We have always been committed to helping our sales associates  succeed, and we offer a combination of in-office learning and online  courses designed to prepare our team for success. We believe that it is  essential to provide training resources to each one of our associates  and employees, from our newest sales associates to our most experienced  executives. Even the most qualified team member has more to learn!

From sales and marketing tools, to online resources, to lead generation,  we give our team members everything they need to succeed in this  industry. Our collaborative team environment also means that everyone  has access to the knowledge and expertise of the entire Weichert family.

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